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Little Life Loves - chapter 1.

The Science and Art of Plants.

Like most beginner plant parents, I think it is fair to assume, that to have a room full of thriving beautiful plants, you have to kill a few first to really get the hang of it. A lot of my friends have told me there is a science and an art to plants.

I do have a bad history of killing plants. I once got a plant as a gift from a friend, thought it was fake, left it on my windowsill, and then realised about a month later that it wasn’t plastic. (Thank you mum for reviving my plant since.)

So going to buy my first plant was a big deal to me.

I love love LOVE Harris Farm Market.. even after 4 years of being a 'proper adult', I still get joy out of looking for good food and being able to buy whatever I want. I went a few Saturdays ago and saw these beautiful flower-like plants called ‘celosia argentea’ (thank you to my ‘NatureID’ app.) They were a BARGIN! Only $3. The only mistake I made, was going off the pretty colour of the plant.. I didn’t realise they were outdoor plants, needing a lot of sun and minimal shade. So when I got home, I had to move my beautiful indoor plants, outside.

Today for my next plant adventure, I am going to Bunnings to have a look at some more INDOOR plants… but I am going to do a little bit of research first.

For other new plant parents out there, like myself here are some type of indoor plants for beginners which are very easy to take care of:

- Aglaonema – likes low light and grows slowly.

- Aspidistra – likes minimal water, handles low light, will be still alive if you go on holidays and come back.

- Succulents – likes the sun, not much water.

Here are some other links that I found for beginner plant parents!

Keep an eye out on Instagram during the week for what plant I bought! More research and tips for caring for your indoor plant are coming soon!

Welcome to Little Life Loves.

A blog about some of the little things that bring me joy in life; discovering joy in house plants, learning and talking about faith, board games nights and chatting with friends, fashion for tall women, finding confidence, horoscopes etc. I want to design for my future self and that is what I plan to do. I will write a weekly/fortnightly blog, to one day have enough content to start my own magazine. Every weekend, for 1 hour, I want to write about what has brought me joy or what I am grateful for that week.

Hi, I'm Annie. I have recently graduated from the University of Newcastle, graduating with High Distinction in Honours, Visual Communication Design. I am currently working in a small graphic design agency in Nelson Bay, and I live in Newcastle with a few friends. I have been through a lot of changes over the last 4 months, but have decided to try and see the small joys in my life, and write about them – to hopefully inspire others to do the same, or at least get some joy about what I am writing about.